Dr Darrien Ray

Registered Bermuda Psychologist #58


 Dr Darrien S. Ray is a registered Bermudian clinical psychologist who has been practicing on island since 2013. Prior to joining ADPS he worked in Fort Wayne, Indiana as a licensed psychologist in a community mental health setting. Dr Ray comes to the island with a broad level of experience in individual, group, and family therapy settings.  

Approach to Therapy

Dr. Ray employs a client-centered, interpersonal approach that emphasises building self-esteem, enhancing relational skills, and promoting a balanced, positive lifestyle.

Dr. Ray works with children and adolescents who may struggle with behavioural or emotional problems. He has experience helping families with relational problems and works with parents and children to establish a healthy, positive environment.  

Dr. Ray treats adults who may struggle with depression, anxiety, or other difficult emotions.  He works with individuals who present with personality disorders or adults with relationship problems.  

Dr. Ray also works with trauma victims (both adult and children), and has specialized training in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Children.

Additional Information

Dr. Ray has extensive experience conducting psychological evaluations for a variety of presenting problems.  He administers learning disability evaluations for both children and college students to help them get the in-class interventions and exam accommodations they need.   

Dr. Ray has conducted personality assessments for both children and adults to help identify emotional disturbances, psychosis, or personality disorders.  

He can also provide developmental assessments that evaluate adaptive functioning, developmental delays, or social-cognitive deficits such as in Autism Spectrum Disorder.

 Dr. Ray has experience leading a range of target therapy groups.  He has worked with substance abuse on an individual and group basis. He has worked with Dialectical Behavioral Therapy groups for individuals with borderline personality disorder, bi-polar disorder, and other more severe emotional disturbances.  Dr. Ray has also worked with children in social skills building groups.