Mr Khalid O. Shakir

Psychotherapist and Clinical Counselor


Khalid O. Shakir is registered with the Bermuda Health Council (BHeC) as a health services provider in Bermuda to practice psychotherapy and clinical counseling. He is also a registered member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP Registration #379277).  Khalid draws on 10 years of professional clinical experience practicing in the field of psychotherapy and counseling in the United Kingdom as a private practitioner and in agency settings prior to his return to Bermuda as a private group practitioner. Mr Shakir received his Masters Degree in Counseling and his COSCA (Scotland's professional body for counselling and psychotherapy) accredited Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling from the University of Edinburgh School of Health in Social Science. 

Approach to Therapy

 Khalid's therapeutic approach consists of an integrative dialogue between the Psychodynamic traditions, the Person Centered Approach and Schema-Focused Cognitive Therapy, adjusting to clients' and patients' individual needs and concerns. Khalid focuses on building a genuine egalitarian relationship with the aim of empowering clients to discover and develop their internal power and he makes himself available as a person for clients therapeutic use in the relationship.   

Professional Code of Ethics:

Khalid Shakir adheres to the professional standards and code of ethics of the BACP (British Association of Counseling and Psychotherapy). 

BACP code of ethics

BACP website

Additional Information

Throughout his professional career, Khalid has worked with individuals, couples, children, adolescents and families from a diverse, multi-cultural range of patient-client populations. He has worked with those seeking help, healing and empowerment to overcome; self-harm, sexual assault, sexual abuse, childhood abuses, chemical dependencies, addictions, divorce and breakdown/loss of relationships, bullying, domestic violence and emotional abuse (victims and perpetrators), bereavement and loss, clinical depression, anxiety and phobias, trauma, and low confidence and self esteem.  

Khalid has an extensive background in providing longer-term therapy for those suffering from severe and deeper emotional disturbances such as borderline personality disorder, bipolar, suicidal ideations, gender identity, body dysmorphia, sexual disorders and eating disorders. He has worked in a variety of mental health settings such as; psychiatric hospital, chemical dependency treatment centers, private practice and now private group practice.

Khalid also has experience in establishing mental health support services in sub-cultural community settings as a director and as a consultant.